2011 Artist of the Year

Rio Grande Foundation For The Performing Arts

McAllen, Texas, Mayor Richard F. Cortez Presents McAllen City Key to Ms. Cristina Ortega for Being Named 2011 Artist of the Year by the Rio Grande Foundation for the Performing Arts. 


Sábado 19 de marzo
Saturday, March 19, 2011
Auditorio del Instituto Cultural de México
600 Hemisfair Park
San Antonio, TX  78205
infoicm@saculturamexico.org  /  www.saculturamexico.org 

November 19 & 26th, 2011

Cristina Ortega,

was the Honored Guest Artist performing in the Piano Competitionopening gala dinner on November 19, Arias of Opera

Also, she performed for a very successful Opera Delights in El Palacio del Hielo (The Ice Palace) in the Principality of Andorra (La Bella) on November 26.  Other guest artists included Alina Furman, Soprano, from Russia; Carlos De Maqua, Tenor, from Spain; and Carlos Julio Muñoz, Tenor, from Colombia.


Enjoying after dinner Jerry Alton Ortega, Cristina Ortega, Roser Palomero and Santi Molas 

After the Concert with the Winners. Roser Palomero, Artistic Director of the Piano Competition and the "Madrina" of this year's event, the Mexican Soprano Cristina Ortega, stand with First Place winner, Galina Tchystiakova, and Second Place winner, George Vyilochnikov. 

Opening Gala dinner at the Plaza Hotel in Andorra (left to right): Ms. Teresa de Urella, Agregado Cultural from the Spain Embassy, Mr. Daniel Mandico Ministro de Cultura, Ms. Roser Palomero, Artistic Director of the International Piano Competition, Cristina Ortega, Soprano, Mr. Santi Molas, Jerry Alton Ortega and the Mexican Pop Singer Alondra.

Cristina Ortega with Mr. Tino Durán, Publisher of La Prensa of San Antonio. 

Cristina Ortega

Maria Isabel León, Cristina, Rosalinda Risso

Mrs. Sara de Ortiz Rocha, Cónsul General de México Lic. Armando
Ortiz Rocha, Cristina Ortega, Mrs. Elvira Cisneros. 

Olivia Revueltas Pianist, Cristina Ortega, Gabriela Franco Palafox,
Instituto Cultural de México, Director. 

Héctor Hernández, Cristina Ortega, Emanuel Zapata, Genaro Angel 

OPERA DELIGHTS November 26, 2011:

Cristina Ortega, Soprano, from United States 

Alina Furman, Soprano, from Russia

Carlos De Maqua, Tenor, from Spain

Carlos Julio Muñoz, Tenor, from Colombia


Cristina Ortega,

renowned Mexican soprano and resident of San Antonio, Texas, was awarded the Grand Cross of Humanitarian Merit in Barcelona, Spain, on Saturday, May 25, 2013.  This award recognizes her valuable promotion of the Hispanic arts and culture through a long career of contributing to opera stages of the world, and to radio programs and television series in Mexico, all of which have earned her recognition by media and cultural institutions worldwide. 

In addition to her profession as an opera singer, she has also studied ballet, scenic arts and music, which together allowed her to assume the artistic direction of her own performing company, "Zarzuela and Operetta Lyric Company," in Mexico City, where she was born. 

During her move to the United States, afortunate occurrence allowed her to become part of an important initiative dedicated to promoting the artistic expression of the Hispanic nations: the formation of the nonprofit organization, Hispanic Heritage Society.

Through the HHS, Ms. Ortega has applied her cultural knowledge and leadership abilities to contribute to the preservation and dissemination of education and culture of the Hispanic communities in San Antonio.  At present, San Antonio is the seat of all current activities, although she frequently alternates her duties with concert performances and as professor of Scenic Arts in Cultural Spaces in Mexico City.  

The Institute of Humanitarian Merit (La Institución al Mérito Humanitario) held its Awards ceremony honoring her artistic career and the careers of other honorees involved in Philanthropy, the Sciences, and the Arts of the world at the Hotel Palace in Barcelona.